My name is Dylan Dysart or D Dysart. I am a photographer, an artist, and a business owner.

I enjoy creating and developing businesses, and have for many years. After I met the woman that would later become my wife, I started studying art and photography, and became an artist myself. I use this to bring my imagination to life, and better appreciate the world that is right in front of us all.

For many years, I worked on developing different businesses for my photography, as that is how I wanted to earn my living, and I also welcomed the challenge. Life got in the way, from family health problems, to personal health problems, and I never really got any of the photography business ideas off paper and into practice. In the process, photography became something like a chore, instead of enjoyable.

Worrying about purchasing the next gear that will make my work “better”, and especially worrying about how to pay for it, I lost my joy for photography for a while. Becoming a co-owner of M&T Tax and Business Services, LLC, which has always been my primary source of income, has taken the burden of having my photography be my primary income source. Moving out in the country has also awakened my love of photography again, as I have more opportunities to photograph subjects that interest me.

Instead of trying to sell you my photography or photography services, this website is primarily directed at those interested in photography. I will share what I learn from my experiences. Sure, I will have affiliate links, and eventually eBooks, but the primary purpose of this website is education, as well as helping me grow as photographer and artist, hopefully with your helpful suggestions.


More coming later