My name is Dylan Dysart or D Dysart. I am a photographer, an artist, and a business owner.

I enjoy creating and developing businesses, and have for many years. After I met the woman that would later become my wife, I started studying art and photography, and became an artist myself. I use this to bring my imagination to life, and better appreciate the world that is right in front of us all.

For many years, I worked on developing different businesses for my photography, as that is how I wanted to earn my living, and I also welcomed the challenge. Life got in the way, from family health problems, to personal health problems, and I never really got any of the photography business ideas off paper and into practice. In the process, photography became something like a chore, instead of enjoyable.

Worrying about purchasing the next gear that will make my work “better”, and especially worrying about how to pay for it, I lost my joy for photography for a while. Becoming a co-owner of M&T Tax and Business Services, LLC, which has always been my primary source of income, has taken the burden of having my photography be my primary income source. Moving out in the country has also awakened my love of photography again, as I have more opportunities to photograph subjects that interest me.

Instead of trying to sell you my photography or photography services, this website is primarily directed at those interested in photography. I will share what I learn from my experiences. Sure, I will have affiliate links, and eventually eBooks, but the primary purpose of this website is education, as well as helping me grow as photographer and artist, hopefully with your helpful suggestions.


More coming later

Introducing the Portraits of Nature Collection


Portraits of Nature Collection

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed viewing the nuances of nature. From water drops, to patterns in dirt, gravel, clouds, and more with a little imagination, the ordinary can be extraordinary. It is these observations, with a little bit of imagination, that the Portraits of Nature Collection was created. It is how I began as an artist. This collection is and likely always be, my largest collection as it is very important to me. We go through our busy lives, and don’t stop and appreciate (or even notice) the beauty all around us. This collection seeks to help you start to notice the beauty all around you, sometimes out of the most mundane things found in nature.

But why is it called Portraits of Nature? Well, like a portrait of a person, this collection is all about capturing nature as it is, with a little imagination injected into it. Much like portraits undergo minor retouching, so does the work in the Portraits of Nature collection. The intent is to be true to reality. This collection will be updated often.

All Series in this collection are Limited Edition with a run of only 25. That is if an individual art piece is available in both companion and artist series, then only 50 of that artwork will ever be printed. If it is only available as a companion piece, only 25 will ever be printed. No reprints, no special collections. The only places they will ever be reprinted in is in books or magazines. As the remaining prints decrease, the price will increase.

This series is printed with Ultrachrome K3 ink on Hahnemuhle Bamboo Fine Art Paper. I choose Bamboo Fine Art Paper because of the realistic rendering, environmental sustainability, and the texture. Another reason is that bamboo is a common subject of my work. All artwork is matted on acid-free mat board using acid-free mounting materials.

For the month of June, enjoy a $20 discount on the Portraits of Nature Collection and for launch of my online store. All artwork in the store include a 30 day money back guarantee. If the artwork doesn’t work for your home decor, simply email me, and we’ll start the process. Return shipping is paid by the buyer, unless there is a fault in the product, which there is a 1 year replacement guarantee on all artwork from defects. This means if the artwork slips out of its mounting, it will be fixed or replaced at no cost to you, even return shipping. I stand behind my work, and use high-quality materials and exact processes to create high quality artwork.

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Upgrade In Progress

Yet another reference to a popular science fiction show. If you’ve been to this website before, you will notice that there are new areas to this website, as well as a new focus. I have been preparing for the 2015 Art In The Garden art show at Lendonwood Gardens in Grove, OK. Tax Season was extremely hectic and took the majority of my time. I was able to organize my image library to a certain degree, and was able to rediscover imagery that could be transformed into art. I am launching my first collection, titled Portraits of Nature, at the Art in the Garden event tomorrow. After tax season, I have been working on getting my artwork ready for the art show. After the art show, expect new content daily (for the next week, anyway), and our online shop will be open on 05/08/15. And yes, I will have images of my work on my website as soon as possible. Really today is the only day I’ve had to work on this website. As I said, that is unique to this point, as I have a writing schedule in place, with two articles ready to be published Tuesday. So again, please excuse the mess this website is currently in, as it is just a short period of time before it will be very informative and useful. In the meantime, subscribe to my newsletter to get $10 off when my online shop opens.

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Seventy One Thousand Three Hundred Forty Three

Organizing Images

For the past year, I have managed my photos in a large, poorly organized (by date) Adobe Lightroom library of now 71,343 images. With few exceptions, that is nearly every digital image I have captured since I had a digital camera which dates all the way back to 2004. Most of those images were captured after I got serious about photography, so most are within the past 5 years. I mentioned that they are currently organized by date, and that is a major problem. So this past week, I have been going through all my images, and selecting which ones are useful for anything. I have saved images that are not useful in of themselves, but can be used as brushes for Photoshop, image overlays, tutorial examples, and textures. I have even rediscovered images that with a little work can become very interesting art. It is very exciting rediscovering images I took early in my photography career.

The stories behind the images are something that I really enjoy remembering. That is why we take photographs, to capture a moment to remember, to reflect on it, to revisit that moment, especially when life is beating you down. The camera rarely records the scene the way we remember it, that is why the capture is transformed, and from that art is formed. If you are a photographer, it is good from time to time to go through images you captured years ago. Reflect on why you took that image and what you learned, both technique and vision wise. This has been very helpful to me.

Between being able to create new exciting, interesting work, as well as recalling the process and work done in the past, I am really revitalized in my vision, imagination, and drive as an artist. I am about halfway through my 71,343 images, and then after that comes sorting them. From those images will come:

  • Artwork
  • Brushes For Photoshop
  • Image Overlays
  • Stock Images
  • Textures
  • Tutorial Examples
  • Tutorial Practice Files

A few of the resources (brushes, image overlays, textures) will free to download, others will have a very reasonable cost. Keep coming back to this site and subscribe to my monthly newsletter to receive free resources when they are available.






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