Dylan Dysart
Dylan Dysart


My name is Dylan Dysart or D Dysart. I am an artist, business developer, and photographer.

I enjoy creating and developing businesses, and have for many years. After I met the woman that would later become my wife, I started studying art and photography, and became an artist myself. I use this to bring my imagination to life, and better appreciate the world that is right in front of us all.

My goal is to help others succeed in business. I do this by offering services as a business developer. I am also and artist and a photographer and use those skills to help other businesses.

This website is dedicated to helping other businesses by providing useful, relevant information. I will teach you what I have learned from my businesses, which currently include the following:

M&T Tax and Business Services, LLC

D Dysart Fine Art

DNA Bookkeeping and Business Services, LLC

This website and it’s accompanying newsletter will provide an insight into the business of art and photography. This is useful to any business, as many techniques can be easily adapted into other industries. After all if they work in a crowded, over-saturated industry plagued by negative assumptions and misinformation, they can work much easier in less crowded industries.

Upgrade In Progress

Yet another reference to a popular science fiction show. If you’ve been to this website before, you will notice that there are new areas to this website, as well as a new focus. I have been preparing for the 2015 Art In The Garden art show at Lendonwood Gardens in Grove, OK. Tax Season was extremely hectic and took the majority of my time. I was able to organize my image library to a certain degree, and was able to rediscover imagery that could be transformed into art. I am launching my first collection, titled Portraits of Nature, at the Art in the Garden event tomorrow. After tax season, I have been working on getting my artwork ready for the art show. After the art show, expect new content daily (for the next week, anyway), and our online shop will be open on 05/08/15. And yes, I will have images of my work on my website as soon as possible. Really today is the only day I’ve had to work on this website. As I said, that is unique to this point, as I have a writing schedule in place, with two articles ready to be published Tuesday. So again, please excuse the mess this website is currently in, as it is just a short period of time before it will be very informative and useful. In the meantime, subscribe to my newsletter to get $10 off when my online shop opens.

Seventy One Thousand Three Hundred Forty Three

Organizing Images

For the past year, I have managed my photos in a large, poorly organized (by date) Adobe Lightroom library of now 71,343 images. With few exceptions, that is nearly every digital image I have captured since I had a digital camera which dates all the way back to 2004. Most of those images were captured after I got serious about photography, so most are within the past 5 years. I mentioned that they are currently organized by date, and that is a major problem. So this past week, I have been going through all my images, and selecting which ones are useful for anything. I have saved images that are not useful in of themselves, but can be used as brushes for Photoshop, image overlays, tutorial examples, and textures. I have even rediscovered images that with a little work can become very interesting art. It is very exciting rediscovering images I took early in my photography career.

The stories behind the images are something that I really enjoy remembering. That is why we take photographs, to capture a moment to remember, to reflect on it, to revisit that moment, especially when life is beating you down. The camera rarely records the scene the way we remember it, that is why the capture is transformed, and from that art is formed. If you are a photographer, it is good from time to time to go through images you captured years ago. Reflect on why you took that image and what you learned, both technique and vision wise. This has been very helpful to me.

Between being able to create new exciting, interesting work, as well as recalling the process and work done in the past, I am really revitalized in my vision, imagination, and drive as an artist. I am about halfway through my 71,343 images, and then after that comes sorting them. From those images will come:

  • Artwork
  • Brushes For Photoshop
  • Image Overlays
  • Stock Images
  • Textures
  • Tutorial Examples
  • Tutorial Practice Files

A few of the resources (brushes, image overlays, textures) will free to download, others will have a very reasonable cost. Keep coming back to this site and subscribe to my monthly newsletter to receive free resources when they are available.






Plans for 2015

I can’t believe how fast January has passed by. It seems just yesterday that I started Project365 or taking a photo every day on my mobile phone. Unfortunately, much like like posting updates here, life and work has interfered and I already failed in taking a photo every day. I have, however, refined my focus for this website, as well as what I want to do with my work. First of all, I have to delay my book release to later this year. I plan on doing this in order to create something truly beneficial to the reader. To do this, it will take much more time. I am not satisfied with using cheap materials in my products, so why would I rush to complete a project that could be so much better if I put more time and thought into it. I refuse to take the cheap way in my work, and print on paper that will quickly fade or matting that will eat away my work over time. That is one difference between fine art and prints, but I will cover that in a later post.

I am very excited for the plans I have for this year. I will be traveling some, so expect to see work created in areas other than those captured around Grove, Oklahoma. Very soon, I will launch an online store on this site thus being able to sell my work directly. If you’ve been to this page before, you know it looks very different. Well, I decided to choose a different web hosting provider since hosting was due up for renewal soon, and while I was at it, I also decided to change the look of this website. The appearance isn’t the only thing that has changed, but the infrastructure is also superior to what existed before. Right now, no images of my work are on this website, with the exception of those in featured posts. This is intentional. I am working on something very different instead of posting images of my work, I will display my work. That sounds like the same thing doesn’t it? I assure you, the meaning will be clear very soon. 😉

I still have many basic things to add to this site, such as a more personable introduction, and that is coming very soon. Tax Season is here, so I am quite busy at M&T Tax and Business Services LLC. That being said, I have created new work the past few weeks that I am happy to share soon! Also, while the book release is delayed (thinking around October of this year) content originally planed for it while be released very soon, with the series “Story of The Image”.

“Story of The Image” will chronicle the creation of a work of art, from what motivated the initial capture, how the initial capture(s) were transformed, and what went into the creation of the final work of art. I had plans of doing something of the sort for quite a long time, but it was when someone described how the story behind the image made the piece have much greater impact to her, that I determined that it would be a feature on this blog. I enjoy writing as well, so sharing why and how I created a work of art will be very enjoyable.

This post likely seems very self-serving, and if it does, I apologize for that. I am just excited for what is in store. I am currently working on refining my skills in various areas, such as lighting, posing, and even in the digital darkroom. In the meantime, I will be sharing resources (texture files, tutorials, Lightroom Presets) to help others in their own work. I hope to help others become better photographers, even if they just want to take better photos of their family, and besides the book I have planned, I have another project in it’s very early planning stages.

I hope you come to this website again, very soon it will have much more content to help you. I hope to keep from becoming just another photography blog, but something that truly is different. I don’t consider myself just a photographer for that reason, which is why this website is called D Dysart Fine Art Imagery and Photography. It will focus on chronicling my growth as an artist, helping readers improve their photography, and if they wish to create a business out of it, help them avoid mistakes I have made (or yet to make), and help them make decisions that will help them succeed. I am still figuring out what content I want to include in it, but currently I plan on releasing a monthly e-newsletter.  If you would like to receive the newsletter, please subscribe below.





P.S. The featured Image is a my first attempt at star trail photography. It was captured in town, so that is why the trees are the dominate subject in the image. Star Trail Photography, or astrophotography in general, is one of several types of work I plan on creating in 2015. I captured around 55 captures over an hour period and stacked the captures together. Some color adjustments were made, and then Nik Color Efex filter was applied to the capture. It is not a complete work, just an experiment. What do you think of it? Let me know in your comments!