Mostly Organized

Just a weekly update for now, I have completed rearranging, cleaning, and organizing my work area. I still have some things I need to sell on eBay in storage containers, which will be removed ASAP. When that I happens, I will do a proper shoot of my studio. For now, a photo taken on my iPhone will be a slight preview. Tax season is approaching fast, and most of my time is dedicated to general preparation for M&T Tax and Business Services‘ tax season. Occasionally I set aside time to make a few changes to this website, as well adding to content to various social media channels. Still haven’t had much time to create new work, although I did upgrade my camera. :) By upgrade, I mean I updated the Fujifilm XT-1‘s firmware to the newest version, which adds many features. I plan on giving the new features a full testing very soon.

Speaking of, I must say how important it is to read your camera manual, or at least fully understand your camera. I recently felt very inept, when I finally discovered how to change to manual focus on my Fujifilm XT-1. It ended up being a little switch on the bottom of the camera. What’s particularly embarrassing, is that I believe that was a feature that was a major factor in me selling all my main Canon gear, and switching to Fujifilm. There were many more important features, but easily switching from auto to manual focus (as well as having focus peaking) was a deciding factor. I will write an article explaining different factors in selecting a camera system for you, as everyone has different needs and priorities when it comes to photography. There are advantages and disadvantages to nearly every brand, and it depends on an individuals circumstances, what they want to do, how far do they want to take their photography, and if they want to get into video that factors in what camera system is best for them. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write it, as for now I really need to work on M&T Tax and Business Services‘ website, as it is rather empty right now. Once that project is completed, I will get to writing a post called, “Selecting a Camera For YOU” or something like that. ;)

In the meantime, expect the following pages to be added as time allows:

What is Fine Art?

The Signature: Dylan D vs D Dysart

What Happened To Grand Lake Fine Art?



Pure Chaos!

The title really says it all.

Well not really, but it does describe my work area, as well as the entire building that I work in general. Currently in the process of cleaning, re-organizing, and preparing for Tax Season. As now an owner of M&T Tax and Business Services, LLC, I am on some very tight deadlines to get things done. That being said, I have added to my rather full schedule another deadline. By the end of March 2015, I will release my book, chronicling my development of an artist, and things I have learned along the way that will be especially beneficial for those wanting to start or improve their photography business.

I know it seems silly, for someone of my age (24, I look younger than my age) to be writing a book like this, and almost seems self-centered. I hope to clear it up now, that the primary reason I am writing this book, is to help others grow as an artist, avoid mistakes that I have made, and to at least partially accomplish the goals that I originally set for Dylan D Studios, LLC. Another reason is that is has given me a project to refocus my work as an artist, and not simply imitate how another artist operates. I used to enjoy writing, yes I enjoyed writing essays in school and in college. Hopefully, this book project will motivate me to write more regularly.

Yesterday, I completed a rough outline of my book. For those that appreciated the reference in yesterday’s post, there will be more of those in some of the titles of the book’s chapters. :) Well, one for sure, but possible more. Phase One of my book project, is getting an organized work area, so it’s no longer pure chaos XD So I will get to that right now, and I plan on updating this website at least weekly, and some new areas have been added, such as the rather lengthy page on Dylan D Studios.

P.S. The title of today’s post was random, and not any reference that I am aware of.

Silence Will Fall

The reference is very intentional to fans of a popular show about time and space. :)

Silence will fall, indeed, it shall end now. I have been very busy making changes at M&T Tax and Business Services, LLC, from budgeting, cleaning, business planning, and so much more, I have had little time for my fine art imaging work these past several months. This has given me an opportunity to reflect on past work, as well as what type of art I want to create in the future. I really want to share my experiences, what I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made as a photographer, and these lessons will be valid for both those just wanting to take better photos, but even more so for those wanting to start their own photography business. I was at a point where I wanted change in my work, how I was doing it was not efficient, I had thought have a massive Adobe Lightroom library of over 68,000 images would let me find images that I previously over-looked and process them differently. But switching camera systems (more about that later) presented some challenges with my workflow, and I decided that I wanted a more efficient workflow.

So I determined that I would go through all my images, and only “keep” the ones that either portfolio worthy, or that have been instrumental in building myself as an artist. And from that, a book idea was born. So I am making this announcement now, that in a few months, I will be releasing an e-Book (and limited edition print copies) about these past 5 years that have gone into my work. I will talk about it more tomorrow, but for now silence must fall on this post. ;)

Dylan Dysart
Dylan Dysart