71 343 Organizing Images

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Organizing Images

For the past year, I have managed my photos in a large, poorly organized (by date) Adobe Lightroom library of now 71,343 images. With few exceptions, that is nearly every digital image I have captured since I had a digital camera which dates all the way back to 2004. Most of those images were captured after I got serious about photography, so most are within the past 5 years. I mentioned that they are currently organized by date, and that is a major problem. So this past week, I have been going through all my images, and selecting which ones are useful for anything. I have saved images that are not useful in of themselves, but can be used as brushes for Photoshop, image overlays, tutorial examples, and textures. I have even rediscovered images that with a little work can become very interesting art. It is very exciting rediscovering images I took early in my photography career.

The stories behind the images are something that I really enjoy remembering. That is why we take photographs, to capture a moment to remember, to reflect on it, to revisit that moment, especially when life is beating you down. The camera rarely records the scene the way we remember it, that is why the capture is transformed, and from that art is formed. If you are a photographer, it is good from time to time to go through images you captured years ago. Reflect on why you took that image and what you learned, both technique and vision wise. This has been very helpful to me.

Between being able to create new exciting, interesting work, as well as recalling the process and work done in the past, I am really revitalized in my vision, imagination, and drive as an artist. I am about halfway through my 71,343 images, and then after that comes sorting them. From those images will come:

  • Artwork
  • Brushes For Photoshop
  • Image Overlays
  • Stock Images
  • Textures
  • Tutorial Examples
  • Tutorial Practice Files

A few of the resources (brushes, image overlays, textures) will free to download, others will have a very reasonable cost. Keep coming back to this site and subscribe to my monthly newsletter to receive free resources when they are available.






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