Upgrade In Progress

Yet another reference to a popular science fiction show. If you’ve been to this website before, you will notice that there are new areas to this website, as well as a new focus. I have been preparing for the 2015 Art In The Garden art show at Lendonwood Gardens in Grove, OK. Tax Season was extremely hectic and took the majority of my time. I was able to organize my image library to a certain degree, and was able to rediscover imagery that could be transformed into art. I am launching my first collection, titled Portraits of Nature, at the Art in the Garden event tomorrow. After tax season, I have been working on getting my artwork ready for the art show. After the art show, expect new content daily (for the next week, anyway), and our online shop will be open on 05/08/15. And yes, I will have images of my work on my website as soon as possible. Really today is the only day I’ve had to work on this website. As I said, that is unique to this point, as I have a writing schedule in place, with two articles ready to be published Tuesday. So again, please excuse the mess this website is currently in, as it is just a short period of time before it will be very informative and useful. In the meantime, subscribe to my newsletter to get $10 off when my online shop opens.

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